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  1. Just found your web site. We just finished shooting principal photography on a thriller/horror film titled “The Darkening” this summer. I’ve been editing it for the last 4 months. The AF100 did a bang up job on the film. We used an Agnenieux 20-120 Cinema Lens for most of the filming. the AF100 and the Angenieux lens was a beautiful pairing up. It’ll be a full length feature at around 100 minutes. I was very impressed with the camera. If you’re intersted, I can provide details and some clips from the film. – Jack Young, Manager Young Films LLC

    1. Thanks Jack, be sure to let us know about news of your film! I’d love to know more about how you had the 20-120 set up on the AF100, like rails and support, etc. Be sure to send along links to clips so that I can tweet them… –Darren

      1. We had originally planned to shoot in early 2010 using an HVX200 rigged with the Letus adapter and rails. We soon realized that we had way too much glass for the film we wanted to shoot and heard about the AF100 being released in December of that year. We dumped the HVX200 and the Letus adapter and switched over to the AF100. Visual Inc in Ohio rebuilt the PL Mount Angenieux Cinema lens and made us an adapter that would work on the Letus rail system. We added a third rail to mount the follow focus but our DP preferred not to use the follow focus and just focus it manually. He did like the third rail for handling the camera during hand held shots. The DP did a lot of grunting and complaining on the film because of the weight of the lens. It is a bit of a monster but it got some great footage. I have a picture of the rig on the set if you want me to send it. Just let me where to send it to. I can also pull some stills from the film or even small clips from the footage. Let me know. – Jack

        1. I would love to see that rig. Direct-message me on Twitter (@AF100Central) and I will give you my email address. I don’t want to put it here because of lurking spambots.

  2. Hey there,

    I was wondering if you have heard anything about the ANGENIEUX 5.9mm f1.8 lens working on the Af-100. I need a wide angle lens in my arsenal but I’m unsure about this choice. Sounds tempting, but I’d love your input on a good fast wide angle lens? I understand this particular lens would translate to a 12mm but is it a fisheye or a super normal aspherical lens? If its a fisheye, then I wouldn’t be interested. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Marcus,

      I haven’t researched that specific lens, but I have done a fair amount of searching for a C-mount or S16 lens that will fully cover M43, and I have yet to find one. I can’t say for certain, but I’d be willing to bet a week’s pay that the 5.9/1.8 would not only vignette on the Panny’s sensor, but do so heavily, as wider lenses tend to provide less sensor coverage than longer ones. You might be able to use it in a 720p crop sans vignetting, though

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