ikan Follow Focus on Panasonic AF100

I finally got around to replacing my old, cheap follow focus with something a little better. It isn’t a Zacuto or anything like that, but it will do in the mean time, until I’m willing to drop $2k on a better one. After a very strategic, analytical, consumer-aware ten minutes spent on eBay looking at options, I balanced price with notoriety and chose the ikan follow focus. For about 400.00, it came with a couple of zip gears, two lens protectors, a speed crank, and an 18″ whip. Wasn’t sure how the quality was going to be, but I knew ikan makes pretty good stuff, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

It arrived today, and I must say that I’m fairly impressed. There is a tiny amount of play in the action, but I don’t think it’s any more than the Redrock Micro FF. Build quality is very nice; it’s very sturdy and feels reliable. It definitely beats the cheap-o FF I was using before. Happy purchase.

iKan Follow Focus on AF100
iKan Follow Focus on AF100

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  2. Hi there, what shoulder mount is it that you are using with the AF100?

    great site, lots of useful bits.


    1. Hi,

      The shoulder kit you see in these photos is from Redrock Micro, but it isn’t one of their pre-made kits; it’s one that I’ve cannibalized from various parts that I already had…

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. How much play would you say is in your follow focus? Mine just arrived and I’ve noticed half an inch of play which seems like way too much. I contacted ikan to see if there is a way to tighten it as there are no instructions. I’m thinking that mine might have a manufacturing flaw and I just need to replace it.

    1. Where are you measuring the play, at the knob? Either way, a half-inch is way too much. Mine definitely doesn’t have that much play in it; just a couple millimeters.

    2. You figure out the wiggle on your ikan FF? Mine is the same as yours. All these screws but I don’t want to mess it up cranking something too tight. Let me know if you got it fixed.

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