Shooting for the New York Times on the Panasonic AF100

The New York Times called me yesterday about shooting an interview of San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, who will be making the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in a couple of weeks. The shoot, which was this morning, went really well. Mayor Castro is always nice, respectful, and reserved. Plus, he’s a great interview. I can see why the Democratic party is grooming him to be a future superstar. As a San Antonio native, I have to say, he’s arguably the best mayor we’ve ever had. I enjoyed this assignment very much, and of course the AF100 was awesome.

I used my Nikon glass for this one, and a three-head fresnel kit. It was a very basic setup, but the results were great. I wanted to roll to the Samurai, but since I knew I was likely going to have to transmit this footage, ProRes422 was right out, and instead I opted to record to AVCHD. I didn’t mind, since it was destined for the web, and also I knew that the footage wasn’t going to have any large color moves applied to it. Note how dirty my camera is from filming outside for thirty days during a very hot and dusty South Texas summer. Maybe I should do some detailing this week…

Detail of Mayor Julian Castro in my Panasonic AF100 screen
Detail of Mayor Julian Castro in the screen of my Panasonic AF100.
Interviewing San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro for the New York Times
Rolling video on an interview of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro for the New York Times

2 thoughts on “Shooting for the New York Times on the Panasonic AF100”

  1. Good on ya! I love your site and as a new user of the AF100 it really helps. I wondered if you could help a noob with one of those fujinon 2x zoom recommendations. I really don’t know what to get, except 2x and the longest zoom I can. The prices range from really low to really high. I would have emailed this question but could not find an address, so here it is! I do use some nice glass, but I wanted one of those parfical zooms to add to the kit. Thanks alot! Love & miss SA!!

    1. Hi John– I have two ENG lenses for my AF100, which work together to cover the entire range. I have a Fujinon 10X4.8 and a Fujinon 20X8.6. I bought the 10x off of Craigslist (very lucky find at 650.00 – this lens usually goes for 3000-3400 used), and I bought the 20x off of eBay (another lucky find at 1375.00). Whichever lens you get, it has to have a 2X extender unless you want to spring for the AbelCine doubler (and a PL mount on top of that).

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