NAB Confirmed

Panasonic AF100 at the Panasonic booth at NAB 2011.
Panasonic AF100 at the Panasonic booth at NAB 2011.

It’s confirmed! The AF100Central crew is going to NAB again this year. We’re looking forward to conducting some good product reviews and interviews from the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Last year, we had a couple of great impromptu interviews with Jan Crittenden of Panasonic, and Matthew Duclos of Duclos Lenses, who showed us his prototype of the Duclos 70-200 T3 zoom. I ran into him by chance at the Angenieux booth, when I spotted the beautiful Zeiss 21mm Distagon on his Nikon. This year, we’re going to have a lot more content, all filmed on the AF100, of course. 🙂 It is my intent to get a lot more content from the Panasonic booth. Jan was very gracious and extremely helpful last year, and I hope she will be open to conducting another interview. I can’t stress how cool she is in person; Panasonic is lucky to have her as a representative.

So now is your chance to let us know what you all would like to see us report on from NAB 2012. Reply in the comments below and tell us who you’d like us to interview, and what products you would like to see showcased! Remember, everyone who is anyone in the video/cinema industry will be at NAB, so now is your chance to place your order for custom-tailored information!

2 thoughts on “NAB Confirmed”

  1. Could you ask when they expect to release the successor to the AF100, the New name, If its going to be P2, if it’s going to have Intra 100 and 10 bit color Processing. These would be the question I would ask myself but I’m not going to be able to make it to NAB this year:(

    1. Andrew– Those are all questions that are already on the tip of my tongue, but I can guarantee you that Panasonic won’t give us any answers to them. I’ve interviewed Jan before, and although she is really cool and a great interviewee, she won’t tell us those things. Panasonic is as tight-lipped as Apple when it comes to new product news. I would think, though, considering the lack of AF100 news and updates from them since it was introduced, that there has to be something in the works for NAB. Cross your fingers!



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