Dialing in the AF100

After using the Panasonic AF100 on a few productions now, I’m finally getting mine dialed in to where it is comfortable to use in a cinematic environment.


With the addition of the AJA rod mounting plate on my Ki Pro Mini, the rig finally feels stable enough to use in daily work. Before, the recorder was affixed to a Noga arm and simply rested on the rods. Now, it is securely fixed to them, and the Anton Bauer Hytron 140 battery is now secured to the second accessory plate on the Ki Pro Mini, and not zip-tied to the rods like before (hey, you gotta do what you gotta do on set sometimes…).

I’ll get a chance to try the rig out again this weekend when we continue filming for “Arose The Coward.”

More production stills to follow…

7 thoughts on “Dialing in the AF100”

  1. We have used ours now on 3-4 productions and like it a lot… but we have still not been able to shoot anything that doesn’t show grain in the dark/black areas. We have tried lots of different presets but none seem to remove the grain. If it wasn’t for some really nice grain removal software we have it would almost make the camera unusable. Aside from the grain issue we like it. Have you had any similar issues?

    1. Tony,

      I’ve noticed the same issue. In fact, the shadow noise is the only “problem” I have with the AF100. Can you please tell us what software you use to take care of the noise?

      1. If we are in after effects or final cut we use Magic Bullet Denoiser (from Red Giant Software). If we are working in premier we use NeatVideo (neatvideo.com) because magic bullet has not yet made a plugin version for premier.

  2. Hi,

    I would love to know what scene file setting you are using? Any chance of posting them/ emailing them?

    I am always looking for the best scene files for my af101. It’s an art to set the camera up nicely.

    Good luck with the film


    1. Hi Simon,

      Actually, I don’t use scene files; I dial in the camera manually before each shoot. If you find some good ones though, let me know!

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